Social Engineering / Phishing, End-User Safety Tests

The Social Engineering Penetration Tests are designed to mimic attacks that malicious social engineers will use to breach your company. We employ a number of techniques to include all methods of phone, Internet-based, and onsite engagements.

Our Social Engineering Penetration Test service includes a full report of findings and mitigation recommendations which will be confidentially debriefed to your executive staff and security team. Finally, as part of this service, we will develop and deliver specific education for your organization to correct existing issues and prepare against future attacks.

We try to make it easy for your company to frequently assess your organization’s susceptibility to phishing, spear phishing and other social engineering techniques. Impact safely replicates email-based attacks to test end-user security policies and identify systems requiring patches and other updates. Each test is backed by comprehensive reports that assist with compliance initiatives and help you to pinpoint ways to strengthen data security.

You can test user security awareness by replicating realistic phishing attacks with or without attempting to exploit the endpoint system.


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